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Audubon Recycling Bin Options:

 Audubon Recycling Bin Options: Nameplates, Lid Openings, Weather Covers, Smokers' Outposts, Casters, Levelers

Audubon replaceable name plate and badge options

Brushed stainless steel name plates, etched and filled with baked polyurethane enamel, 3M adhesive back

13 brushed stainless steel name plates, etched and filled with baked polyurethane enamel, 3M adhesive back
Audubon top loading combination recycling and trash bin showing the name plates on the top of the stainless steel lid
DeepStream Designs Recycling and Keep Tidy symbo badge

3" x 3" SS Nameplates

$7.00 each

6" x 2" SS Nameplates - $10.00 each

Click for printable PDF file

Chart of trash and recycling bin lid opening options

Optional Weather/Anti-Critter Cover for Recycling Bin Lids

Closed Audubon modern Recycling Bin weatherproof cover also keeps critters out

Created for a California school with feisty squirrels, these hinged covers work equally well for Florida hotels with tropical downpours, and mountain town parks to keep the snow out.


18-gauge, 316 stainless steel cover mounted on a full-length hinge with a stainless steel bar-pull handle.

Open Audubon modern Recycling Bin weather proof lid

Optional Open Front Loading Bin

Audubon Recycling Bin with front opening

Audubon 21: Front-feed Lyptus wood bin with Zephyr bands and #400014 solid lid

Smokers Outpost mounted to a recycling bin
Recycling Bin weather cover keeps snow out of bins

Smokers' Outpost: Black, Silver or Stainless

Smokers Outpost mounted to combination trash and recycling bin

Audubon 21: Double opening #40002 lid on 3Form "Seaweed" bin
with Smokers' Outpost mounted

Smokers Outpost mounted to modern combination recycling and trash bin

We offer a variety of heavy-duty casters for indoor and outdoor applications, along with security clips and levelers when required

casters options for movable trash or recycling bin

Audubon 33: Front-feed Slate bin with Smokers' Outpost

Casters: Stainless Steel or Nickel-Plated

Recycling Bin with Stainless Steel Smokers Outpost
movable recycling bin on casters

"Bomb Proof" base with Stainless steel or Nickel-plated Caster Frames

Stainless Steel Leveling Feet

stainless steel fixed and articulated levelers

Audubon Bin with Stainless Steel Smokers' Outpost

Stainless Steel fixed and articulated pad for slopes