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Custom Fixtures Shop Photos

DeepStream creates many custom fixtures including Valet Stands, Towel Shelf with Towel Return Bin, and Locker Cabinets.

A large Valet Stand

crafted with maintenance-free weatherproof dark gray recycled plastic lumber.

large L shaped valet stand with trahs bin

Valet Stands can be customized to fit almost any need. This one 42" high is made with maintenance-free recycled plastic lumber.


The L-shaped valet stand shown here has a 316 stainless steel top with a trash bin hole.  A locking cabinet door has 2 faces to accommodate 96 key hooks, and hidden shelves behind the magnetic latched inner door.


There are large shelves and a space for a small refrigerator at left.

A small Valet Stand

The small locking valet stand below is 42" high on adjustable stainless steel feet, equipped with with 72 key hooks, hidden shelves behind an inner panel with a magnetic latch, and a stainless steel top.  Tropical Hardwood-colored recycled plastic lumber is weatherproof and maintenance-free.

The Towel Shelf with Towel Return Bin below incorporates a shelf for 90 5" towel rolls and has two towel return bins in the cabinet space below which is accessed by side load doors.  This custom cabinet crafted with our anodized aluminum frame and Cumaru wood is mounted on locking casters and measures 54" X 23" X 76"H.

Rugged waterproof plastic towel return bins rest above the floor on an aluminum frame.  The cabinet can be mounted with a single door at one end or a door on each end.  The doors can open front-to-back or back-to-front as required.


Rugged phenolic casters on stainless steel frames are threaded into the legs with 12 mm / 1/2" stainless steel bolts.  Standard feet are plastic; however, there are two options for adjustable leveling feet using a 12mm stainless steel attachment bolt threaded into the leg: one fixed for uneven decks or floors, the other articulated for sloping uneven surfaces.






The Locker Cabinet at left measures 54" X 22" X 84" H, and holds two sets of keyed lockers for a total of 24 - perfect for the pool, spa, or theme park.


This attractive weatherproof cabinet is crafted with anodized aluminum and weatherproof solid tropical hardwood colored recycled plastic lumber.


The cabinet rests on articulated leveling feet using 12 mm stainless bolts and can be mounted to the deck with aluminum security clips.


The raised floor makes it easy to clean underneath the cabinet.



The Towel Cabinet, at right, incorporates four shelves for piles of fluffy towels at a high end hotel's exclusive "Lake Club".


This custom cabinet crafted with our bronze anodized aluminum frame and Ipe wood, measures 24" X 18" X 61"H, and rolls on casters.