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Sustainable Design: Planters

Large Garden Planters for Trees

Large Garden Planters for Trees require DeepStream's sturdy aluminum frame. Constructed with our proprietary aluminum legs and natural 3/4" thick tongue-and-groove solid tropical wood or 100% recycled plastic lumber, your trees grow inside a rugged waterproof planter liner. Built by American craftsmen, backed with a Lifetime Structural Warranty, you buy Factory Direct.


DeepStream Designs manufactures its Large Garden Planters for Trees to meet the demanding requirements of Landscape Architects, hotels, condominiums, public buildings, businesses, and urban dwellers who can not afford the time, money, disruption, mess, damage, and inconvenience required to replace carpenter-built wood planters again and again, as such they carry a Lifetime Structural Warranty.

DeepStream Designs large wood garden planters for trees

DeepStream Designs 36" square Large Planters for Trees, crafted from 100% recycled plastic lumber, were selected for a curated exhibition at world-famous Long House Reserve, the Hamptons' tranquil design oasis of art, architecture, and landscaping.

Large Planters for Trees manufactured by DeepStream use a separate plastic liner, with state-of-the-art drainage especially important with a heavy planting like trees, inside an outer box facade supported by an aluminum frame or foam blocks.  The plastic liner ensures maximum durability, as the wet planting medium and roots never touch the outer shell.


It is important to consider the stability of your installation and pick a form factor appropriate to the ultimate hight and size of the tree and maximum wind conditions.  Trees, such as palms, without a lot of branches and foliage have lower wind resistance.  Palms do better on windy roof tops and terraces here in hurricane-prone Florida.  While the weight of the planted planter will keep it from blowing away, a planter with a narrow base, relative to the leverage of wind against foliage, can tip over.


Custom-welded Planter Liners can make siting Large Planters for Trees in your built-in-place gardens and streetscapes easy and durable.  GFR Concrete and double-walled LLDPE plastic planters manufactured by Tournesol Siteworks are another option.

DeepStream Designs large phenolic garden planters for trees

DeepStream Designs square 36" Large Garden Planter for Trees features a rugged inner LLDPE plastic liner with advanced drainage system to prevent clogging for up to 15 years.  This planter box is made with indestructible recycled cardboard phenolic.

DeepStream Designs large wood garden planters for trees

DeepStream Designs Large Garden Planters for Trees

For further assistance and information call Sheila at DeepStream at (305) 857-0466

As with all custom and semi-custom garden products produced by the hands of craftsmen, delivery times will grow longer as Spring progresses into Summer, even with "quick ship" programs, so plan ahead and order early.

Custom-Welded Plastic Planter Liners can be built in place and used as Large Planters for Trees.

Manufactured by DeepStream with 1/4", 3/8", or even 1/2" co-polypropylene, as used in the construction of large chemical tanks, large areas can be planted and easily irrigated with hidden drip irrigation.  Polypropylene is extremely durable and is impervious to the sun's UV rays, protecting your liners even if they are not completely buried.  Polypropylene is available in black and natural (off-white).


Construction techniques include double-welded gussets, shown in the bottom pictures, or cross-straps, as shown below, for optimum wall support.  You can add side-wall drainage holes on site with a simple hole saw.  Drain Packs, proper drainage techniques to slow the water flow, and selecting appropriate planting mediums are critical when plantings are expected to be maintained for years without digging them up.

DeepStream Designs large plastic garden planter liners for trees

DeepStream Designs uses chemical industry technology to fabricate double-welded leak-proof Large Planters for Trees that can accommodate buried irrigation and drainage systems, perfect for plazas, roof decks, parking structures, malls, theme parks.

DeepStream Designs large plastic garden planter liners for trees

DeepStream Designs rugged double-welded, gusseted, leak-proof Large Planters for Trees

For further assistance and information call Sheila at DeepStream at (305) 857-0466

 3-layer Drain Packs with TREMdrain and Biobarrier complete your planter

DeepStream Designs plastic planter liner drain pad

planter liner drain pads

If your planters will not be dug up and replanted every year then we strongly recommend adding Drain Filter Packs for each drain.


A three-part filter combines the waffled plastic backing of TREMdrain, three layers of filter fabric, and Biobarrier buttons to inhibit root growth.


They may not stop aggressive root systems like Bamboo and Clusia.


Filter packs, when used in conjunction with clean 1-2 mm inorganic drainage material to slow the flow of the water to the drain, could prevent clogged drains for a decade or more.

When purchasing a Large Planter for Trees, it is critical to note that as trees grow, their root ball gets larger and larger.  With some species, the container size will limit the size of the tree; with others the root ball continues to grow.  An ever-expanding root ball will either push the tree up on a pedestal of its own roots, or push out and eventually break the liner.


If you visit the ancient jungle ruins of the Mayans and Aztecs, you will recognize that even the giant stone blocks of the temples, weighing thousands of pounds, will be pushed apart, split and toppled by tree roots.  Streetscapes constantly have to deal with root control.  This, along with selecting an appropriate planting mixture and micro-climates, is another important reason to consult with a Landscape Architect experienced with container gardening when planning your project.


DeepStream's stock planter liners, and Tournesol Siteworks ABS planter liners, are molded in one piece so that tree roots have no week spots to attack.  DeepStream's custom-welded liners used for major plantings are not only engineered with thicker 3/8" co-polypropylene, or thicker HDPE, as used in construction of large chemical tanks. The panels are gusseted and welded from both sides before being water-tested to ensue their ultimate durability in your project.


The bases of trees will be push 6-12" by their roots over a  five to ten year period as the trees grow to their mature hight for that size planter.  Knowing that in advance, planted the root ball deeper in the planter and filled the recess with other plantings for the duration.

For further assistance and information call Sheila at DeepStream at (305) 857-0466