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Sustainable Design: Planters

Plastic Garden Planter Liners


DeepStream offers three solutions for your plastic planter liner needs:


  • 10 stock sizes of DeepStream's proprietary roto-molded liners with threaded drains in 100% recycled Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE)
  • 115 Sizes of 60% recycled ABS plastic liners and ABS reservoir liners
  • Custom-Welded Liners in 1/4" or 3/8" co-polypropylene, as used in the construction of large chemical tanks


DeepStream Designs Stock LLDPE Roto-molded Plastic Garden Planter Liners

DeepStream Designs Stock LLDPE Roto-molded Plastic Garden Planter Liners

DeepStream Designs Custom Welded Liners Tournesol Thermoformed ABS Plastic Liners

DeepStream Designs Custom Welded Liners

Tournesol Thermoformed ABS Plastic Liners

Plastic planter liners are an integral part of DeepStream's planter design which allows the outer shell, or façade, to absorb the solar gain that would otherwise heat up the root ball of the plants on hot sunny days and injure the roots.  With an air gap between the planter and the planter liner, the temperature of a plant's root ball never can never get hotter than the ambient air temperature.  On a 75-degree day in Miami the shell temperature can reach between 125 -135 degrees.



wood garden planter on a roof terrace details of wood Garden Planter

DeepStream's rugged 100% recycled LLDPE Plastic Planter Liners inside of a Wood Planter Box protects your plant's root ball from damaging solar gain, while ensuring the longevity of your planter by isolating moist planting medium and promoting drainage.

Plastic planter liners are used extend the life of many types of planters by containing the planting medium, keeping the soil away from the exterior shell of the planter box, and controlling drainage.  This is especially important for wooden planters.  Many older buildings have cast-in-place concrete planters that have cracked and now leak, causing expensive structural problems, which can benefit from a retrofitted molded or custom-welded liner.


NOTE:  If you're building custom planters that require liners, keep in mind that our stock liners are the least expensive option, followed by thermoplastic liners that are molded to order, then custom-welded liners.  If you have some flexibility on size, find out what size liners are available BEFORE you build the planter box.  It is much easier and less expensive to build a custom planter box to fit existing liners than to find liners that will fit your custom planter box!

planter liner drainage
DeepStream Designs planter liner drain pads with biobarrier

Modern Planters call for modern drainage solutions as drainage is critical to the health of plants grown in containers, and drainage is very difficult to remedy after the fact.  Generally more "tended" plants die from drowning than from lack of water. "Old School" drain holes on the bottom and "gravel" drainage medium simply do not work and will quickly clog.


DeepStream pioneered modern drainage practices with side-wall drains and 3-layer drain packs. DeepStream places from one to three 3/4" threaded drainage ports on its stock proprietary plastic planter liners, to which various plugs, hose barbs and valves may be attached.  Liners are non-structural and are meant to be placed inside planter boxes.


Depending on your plants, planting mixture, and local weather, you may need to add more drains.  Additional drain holes can be added as required by drilling additional holes in the side walls.  DeepStream-installed drains are centered about 2" above the bottom to allow the clay "fines" in planting mediums that are responsible for clogging to settle to the bottom.


Standard ABS liners and custom-welded liners come without drain holes, but they may be drilled as required.   Reservoir liners come with one drain port, and more cannot be added.

If your planters will not be dug up and replanted every year then we strongly recommend adding Drain Filter Packs for each drain.  A three-part filter combines the waffled plastic backing of TREMdrain, three layers of filter fabric, and Biobarrier buttons to inhibit root growth.  They may not stop aggressive root systems like Bamboo and Clusia.


Filter packs, when used in conjunction with clean 1-2 mm inorganic drainage material to slow the flow of the water to the drain, could prevent clogged drains for a decade or more.

For further assistance, volume pricing, and information call DeepStream : (305) 857-0466