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Sustainable Design: Planters

Restaurant Planters

Restaurant Planters and coordinating fixtures are engineered and handcrafted by DeepStream in America to meet the demanding standards of fine dining restaurants with the goal of delineating an exterior space to the same exacting standard as your interior space while minimizing maintenance costs.


Whether you are creating a sidewalk cafe on a busy street or quiet courtyard space, DeepStream knows it is critical that your potential customer receive an inviting visual message from the space created by our Restaurant Planters that is consistent with your own commitment to a quality dining experience for them inside.


This is especially important in an urban environment where you cannot afford the time, money, disruption, mess, damage, and inconvenience required to replace carpenter-built wood planters again and again as they tear themselves apart in just a few years.


To ensure your Restaurant Planter project will be successful, DeepStream sells direct and a principal of DeepStream will be working directly with you and your team to ensure a stress-free and successful completion of even the most complex projects. With thousands of installations, we understand your unique challenges and will work to ensure our custom Restaurant Planters will delight both you and your customers for years to come.


The importance of visual presentation to your customers' first impression of your Restaurant cannot be overstated.  Your success is our success, so DeepStream partners with you in maintaining the appearance of your project for the long haul. Our Lifetime Structural Warranty and unique Core Replacement Program for parts at manufacturer's cost will help you maintain your Restaurant Planters for the lowest total cost of ownership over time.

DeepStream rectangular wood restaurant planter with glass windbreak

Restaurant Planters, built with DeepStream's proprietary aluminum leg extrusion, allows the addition of glass windbreaks to wood planters by suspending locally sourced glass between shaped HDPE blocks, as seen in the photos . Casters, Trellis, and other screening options are available.

Restaurant Planters are available as both stand-alone planters and money-saving multi-section planters in natural 3/4" thick tongue-and groove solid tropical wood and recycled plastic lumber, with and without DeepStream's exclusive Zephyr aluminum bands between the planks. DeepStream's proprietary aluminum leg extrusion allows the addition of trellises, glass windbreaks and other forms of screening.


When space is at a premium for your sidewalk cafe, standard DeepStream planters are available as narrow as 12" and 18" wide with a separate plastic liner insert that incorporates state-of-the-art drainage, inside an outer box facade to ensure maximum durability as the planting medium never touches the wood and the harshest sun does not bake the root ball which causes unsightly plantings. Labor and water saving drip irrigation lines are easily concealed between the liner and box with our design.

DeepStream's Restaurant planters are an investment in the appearance of your property, and also in sustainable design, so we sell our Restaurant planters direct to customers, eliminating the distributor markup.  This allows us to use the best materials and American craftsmanship which, combined with our plastic liner-inside-a-planter-box design, means that our planters will last for generations providing the lowest cost of ownership over time while lowering the impact on the earth's resources.  Every planter sold by DeepStream generates 50 trees planted in return by the non-profit Trees For the Future.

large rectangular wood restaurant planter with glass windbreak

DeepStream's large rectangular wood restaurant planters with glass windbreak, topped by perimeter lighting, enclose a large patio dining area, enhancing the appeal of the patio at night and on blustery days, while enhancing the restaurant's street image, maximizing customers and income.

detail of planter glass windbreak

Glass windbreak panels slip securely into place using custom thermoplastic rubber edge guards and HDPE inserts.

detail of cafe planter glass windbreak

In the photos, left and above, you can see that threaded eye bolts have been added to the top of the HDPE blocks to hold a string of lights which capture the attention of potential customers at night and enhance the dining experience.

Attractive large outdoor wood trash bin with a Smokers Outpost attached

DeepStream manufactures valet stands and menu stations, as well as trash and recycling bins (shown above and below), that coordinate with your planters for a consistent look.

DeepStream OPUS and Oahu trash and recycling bins can be made from various materials and mounted with a Smokers Outpost.


Oahu bins have a side-opening door for easy access to the rugged 33 gallon plastic bin inside. The door can be mounted on either side and open to the front or back.


The push flap is solid 5086 Aluminum which can be quickly and easily refinished in place.  The plates swivel noiselessly on replaceable Teflon bushings. Hygienic copper push plates are also available.


All DeepStream bins are made with 100% replaceable parts available through our unique Core Replacement Program.  As with all of DeepStream products, at the end of its useful life all components are recyclable.

an attractive large outdoor wood trash bin

Attractive Modern Outdoor Trash and Recycling Bins, below, can be made from a wide range of materials. The bin below is an Audubon single bin in slate.

DeepStream modern outdoor trash bin

The  Audubon 33 large modern Trash Bin below is crafted from one of the hundreds of material options available from ATI.

large modern trash bin

The cylindrical Nautique Trash Bin crafted from Stainless Steel and UV resistant HDPE Recycled plastic is impervious to weather.

Modern round outdoor trash bin

DeepStream's Audubon outdoor Trash Bin below is crafted from one of the hundreds of material options available from 3Form.

Bins can be made from various materials, the bin below is an Audubon single bin in natural slate.

DeepStream modern blue 3Form outdoor trash bin
DeepStream large restaurant planter with gate

The large recycled plastic lumber Restaurant Planters with Gate to meet Code Requirements while controlling access to a private club at a sports venue in New York City.  DeepStream Designs Planters are also available with forkliftable frames and casters. We also offer caster bases for fiberglass planters.

Large rectangular wood Restaurant Planters create intimate spaces for diners.

large rectangular wood restaurant planter

Recycled Plastic Lumber Planters are virtually maintenance-free and can be configured to meet your specific site requirements.

DeepStream Resturaunt Planters made with recycled plastic lumber
large rectangular wood restaurant planter

Recycled Plastic Lumber Mariner Large Rectangular Restaurant Planters below, shown with matching Oahu 33 Double Recycling and Trash Bin.

large rectangular wood restaurant planter

Cost-effective, lightweight square and rectangular restaurant planters are available up to 72"

large rectangular wood Restaurant Planter

Natural tropical hardwood Restaurant Planters, pictured above and below, will turn light gray with age and last for decades protected by DeepStream Designs' proprietary legs and liner system.  While individual Planters allow the most flexibility in arrangement, Planters may be ordered joined by T-legs to limit access and have gates attached.

large rectangular wood restaurant planters with gate

 Miami tropical cafe chic:  DeepStream's large wooden garden planter form a sidewalk cafe. Shown below: Mariner Zephyr Planter

DeepStream large wooden restaurant planters delineate a sidewalk cafe

 750' of 21" high, cost effective, Multi-Section Recycled Plastic Lumber Restaurant Planters, photo left and below, grace the upper pedestal deck dining area of a NY highrise office building, converting a hot deck into a cool garden oasis in just 4 days.

Garden Planter Outdoor Stereo Speaker Enclosures

Integrate any waterproof loudspeaker into your outdoor dining area without compromising design integrity.  Buy factory direct and DeepStream's craftsmen can build a garden planter enclosure to fit any waterproof speaker at a fraction of the cost of many dedicated outdoor speakers.

DeerpStream large rectangular wooden restaurant planter
long rectangular restaurant planter

This rooftop test kitchen dining area has its own herb garden planted in a tropical hardwood multi-section Restaurant Planter by DeepStream.

large rectangular wood restaurant planter

Multi-section Restaurant Planters use DeepStream's proprietary trademark L and T legs for unlimited planter length

long rectangular wood and aluminum restaurant planter on a roof deck

DeepStream Designs builds all Restaurant Planters to order, and we can build almost any size from 18” – 72” long and 12” – 72” wide.  We stock our standard legs in heights of: 21”, 31”, 42" and 74".  We also have a T-leg which we use to build multi-section planters when cost-effective longer length runs are needed.


We can build planters in a variety of materials, from solid tropical hardwoods (Jatoba, Lyptus, Ipe and Cumaru) to Recycled Plastic Lumber (RPL - five colors) to stone laminates, copper and resin panels.


To gain an insight into pricing, the table below shows budget pricing* for twelve stock sizes of stand-alone planters (price includes liner and drain filter pack). We offer a 5% discount for 5-9 units, 10% discount for 10+ units.


Planters made with Recycled Plastic Lumber are typically less expensive and require almost no maintenance.


*BUDGET PRICES are subject to change without notice.


DeepStream Designs large square wooden restaurant planter with liner

DeepStream Mariner large square wooden Restaurant Planter

Click for printable planter price list

For further assistance and information call Sheila at DeepStream at (305) 857-0466

DeepStream Mariner Planter price and size chart

 DeepStream stocks 4 rot-resistant tropical hardwoods, Ipe, Cumuru, Jatoba, and plantation-grown Lyptus. DeepStream can work with any appropriate wood.

4 Natural Tropical Wood Color Samples

Recycled Plastic Lumber is made with HDPE plastic

Recycled Plastic Lumber, think milk jugs and other polyethylene packaging, including industrial regrind, that would normally be destined for landfills.


RPL uses no energy or materials to maintain and never needs to be painted or stained.  It will not rot, splinter or split.


Ultra-violet stabilizers are added to the lumber, so colors will look as vibrant decades from now as they do today.  DeepStream's test planters are going on 10 years in the Miami sun and look like new.

5 stock colors of 100% Recycled Plastic Lumber

5 stock colors of Recycled Plastic Lumber: Ipe Brown, Tropical Hardwood, Aged Hardwood, Concrete Grey, Weathered Teak
DeepStream Designs large rectangular recycled plastic wood restaurant planters

All natural tropical hardwood will turn a light gray color and show stains and mold spots if not treated with a waterproofing and UV protector several times a year. This treatment will make all wood darker over time.


Given the time and expense necessary to keep natural hardwood looking good, and the damage done to the rain forests to harvest it, versus the "set and forget" ease of using recycled plastic lumber, you should give serious thought to which you will select for your project.

The contrast between faded natural hardwood, center, flanked by Recycled Plastic Lumber (RPL) on the left and right above.

3 DeepStream Designs wood planters compare natural wood to recycled plastic lumber colors
5 DeepStream Designs rectangular wood and aluminum restaurant planters create a sidewalk cafe

DeepStream Mariner large rectangular Wood and aluminum Restaurant Planter create a sidewalk cafe

DeepStream wood restaurant planters

DeepStream Mariner large rectangular wooden Restaurant Planter

DeepStream rectangular wooden Restaurant Planter

DeepStream rectangular wood  Restaurant Planter

DeepStream Plastic Liners and 3-layer Drain Packs with TREMdrain & Biobarrier complete your planter

DeepStream Designs rugged waterproof  plastic planter liners

DeepStream Designs large Garden Planter Plastic Liners are rugged and economical

While enjoying your outdoor wood planters keep in mind that drainage is critical to the health of your plants grown in containers, and it is very difficult to remedy after the fact.  Generally more "tended" plants die from drowning than from lack of water. "Old School" drain holes on the bottom and "gravel" drainage medium simply do not work and will quickly clog.


DeepStream pioneered modern drainage practices with side-wall drains and 3-layer drain packs. DeepStream places from one to three 3/4" threaded drainage ports on its 12 stock proprietary plastic planter liners, to which various plugs, hose barbs and valves may be attached.  Liners are non-structural and are meant to be placed inside planter boxes.


Depending on your plants, planting mixture, and local weather, you may need to add more drains.  Additional drain holes can be added as required by drilling additional holes in the side walls.  DeepStream installed drains are centered about 2" above the bottom to allow the clay "fines" in planting mediums that are responsible for clogging to settle to the bottom.


Standard ABS liners and custom-welded liners come without drain holes, but they may be drilled as required.   Reservoir liners come with one drain port, and more cannot be added.

Planter Liner Drain Pads

DeepStream planter liner drain pads

If your planters will not be dug up and replanted every year then we strongly recommend adding Drain Filter Packs for each drain.


A three-part filter combines the waffled plastic backing of TREMdrain, three layers of filter fabric, and Biobarrier buttons to inhibit root growth.


They may not stop aggressive root systems like Bamboo and Clusia.


Filter packs, when used in conjunction with clean 1-2 mm inorganic drainage material to slow the flow of the water to the drain, could prevent clogged drains for a decade or more.

For further assistance and information call Sheila at DeepStream at (305) 857-0466

Core Replacement Program:

DeepStream Designs will, in case of damage or an unacceptable degradation in finish, replace any metal component, plastic caps, plastic feet, lid retaining straps, bungee cord, and most other components of our products at manufacturer’s cost, plus shipping.  All components of our products are recyclable, so under this program, major components, such as aluminum legs and stainless steel lids must be returned to DeepStream for recycling.  Please call Sheila at 305-857-0466 to make arrangements for replacement parts.


The aluminum extrusions, stainless steel lids, and fasteners are guaranteed for the life of the structure against defects in manufacturing, materials and workmanship.  Our multi-section planter frames are guaranteed for life against structural defects.


The panels made from rigid materials or fabrics are the customer’s selection and retain the manufacturer’s warranty for those materials, which will vary by manufacturer. We will be happy to provide warranty information for products and components that we do not manufacture.


Aluminum extrusions and stainless steel fasteners have been used in the yachting industry for decades.  The etched marine anodized finish of the aluminum extrusions is a durable finish, created especially for coastal environments (Alumilite 215/A41 with surface preparation C22).  The 3/4" tropical hardwoods we select have been used in exterior applications such as docks, decks and boat construction for centuries. These woods have decades of life expectancy, although they can be affected by mold, mildew, dry rot and drying.


The primary failure for wooden planters is the joining of wood components to each other.  Wood has been used for centuries to split stone because of its tendency to expand when wet.  DeepStream has designed its products with heavy aluminum extrusions to join these components in such a way that allows the wood to expand and contract naturally to withstand the test of time.  We assemble these products using a proprietary bedding compound in the wood for screw holes to prevent rot, and proprietary dielectric paste for stainless steel fasteners to aluminum extrusions to avoid galvanic action that can cause them to seize over time.


Environmental conditions and maintenance, or lack thereof, will affect the life expectancy of the finish of our products, and as such, no warranty is given on the finish, but we do offer the Core Replacement Program to assist in keeping our planters, recyclers and structures looking fresh.